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Update 10/16/2007: Added to Slime Hole

This is a collection of the first three Query games in their ancient forms. "Who Am I?" is playable to the end; "What Am I?" and "Where Am I?" are included out of interest. Also included is a short attempt at remaking the series which was canceled ("The Final Query").

The (confusing) story concerns Joseph Haltroph, a Mary Sue inserted into a ridiculous world who must defeat a demon that is trying to take over his body. A GOOD version of this is planned with heavy edits and less ridiculousness overall, but for now, you can play JSH's newbie games! :D

WARNING: Awful graphics alert!

WARNING 2: I make no promise that these games will run as intended under Ubersetzung. Query 1 DOES work fine to my knowledge. Be careful saving after departing airships! The game will freeze up in rare circumstances. I tried to fix the errors, but some may still lurk.

If you finish the Query II(What Am I?) demo and want to know the ending, read this:
PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2007 12:41 am
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Title Screen of The Final Query