OHR Horror

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OHR Horror

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A young man named Paul decides to go to an old house on the outskirts of his hometown out of curiosity, what he did not know is that he would find more than he could tolerate.


The protagonist, a very curious 17-year-old boy, decides to go to the old abandoned house of the gravedigger to see if he can find something of value with his friend. He wears a blue sweatshirt and his hair are brown.

Paul's best friend, he prefers to take things slowly and even though it may not seem like it, he is always on the lookout that his friend Paul is well. His hair is blonde and his eyes are blues. He doesn't appear in the game, he just calls Paul a few times.

The character is hardly mentioned during the game. He is believed to have left the house after his family died during his 30-year stay, presumed to have died prior to the gambling events.


Gravedigger’s house:
It is too small and abandoned place, it used to be owned by the gravedigger before he left the house 10 years before the events of the game.

It is a rather small and neglected place, with only a very well closed can to urinate.

The place guarded by the gravedigger, before he left it, is full of random people and the family of the gravedigger who passed away in different suspicious ways years ago.

Duration: 4 minutes
Endings: 1

I don't remember where found the rain sounds
some sounds was made by foxley

ohrhorror_170.zip (0MB; 78 downloads) For Windows


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