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In the "I wish I thought of this a couple years sooner" pile, we have a passion project that took me six days to make and test. It is a broken game - an empty room with an NPC. The NPC tells you how to turn this into an actual, if basic, RPG and get your creativity flowing to make it truly your own - or get really bold and make a new game from scratch!

Bundled in the original release is a nightly build of the engine because I didn't think ahead and download a copy of Gorgonzola specifically for making this thing with (I don't actually use any post-Gorgonozola stable release features anyway). After the next stable release, I'll put out a smaller package without the editor included as well as any small revisions we find needed and possibly more sprites in the resource folders (not too many - we don't want to overwhelm new players with too many options at once).

This is my entry for the 2020 Heart of the OHR contest.
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TutOHRial (4).zip TutOHRial (4).zip (11.33 MB; downloaded 120 times)
Includes the game, some resource folders, and the editor.
Made a raccoon sprite. Realized I had a pink and yellow palette, it looks hilarious and familiar.
Screenshots of the game imported and used as backdrops are the bulk of the file size. Costly, but necessary.