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That's right, I finally did another one (like 3 years later...) Just over 100 sound effects that I made with Bfxr.

This time they're all WAV files because I can't be bothered to convert them all to OGG one by one, and this way whoever uses them can decide what OGG quality to import them as. Also included the Bfxr library file in case anyone wants to load it up in Bfxr version 1.5.1 and tweak the sounds to their needs.

Same deal as before: Sounds are free for anyone to use or edit, credit for using them in your game is appreciated but not required. OHR devs are free to add any of these sound effects they want to releases of Custom for the import folder.
PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:00 pm
Foxley Bfxr Set Foxley Bfxr Set (3.26 MB; downloaded 55 times)
Foxley's Bfxr Set B