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Due to filesize, THIS SOUNDTRACK HAS BEEN UPLOADED IN TWO PARTS. Also, these are 'CD' versions of the songs; the loop-able, game-ready tracks come packaged with the game!

Credit for all music goes to Thomas "Artimus Bena" M, with the exception of the following compositions:

-------Fenrir Lunaris
Nameless Sorcerer
All Seeing Eye

Rising Courage
Against Insurmountable Odds

-------Setu Firestorm
Sleeping Buddha

-------Jeremy Jacobs
Helheim's Ruin

The above songs were adapted from the original midi to virtual instruments by Bena. All of these tracks are free to use in your games, just please credit the original author. You may use them commercially, but selling these tracks by themselves for personal profit is prohibited. They are considered public domain.

Track List:
1 Vikings of Midgard - Title Screen
2 Gods of Spite
3 Asgard
4 Rising Courage
5 Caliginous (Forest 1)
6 Against Insurmountable Odds
7 Life Returns (Forest 2)
8 Shores of Midgard
9 Vile
10 Oceans of Fire (Muspel 1)
11 From the Molten Core
12 Settling Waves of Dust (Muspel 2)
13 Sleeping Buddha
14 A Cold Heart (Niffleheim 1)
15 Your Flames, My Steel
16 Melting Away (Niffleheim 2)
17 Spirit of the Einherjar
18 An Unfortunate End
19 Greener Grass
20 Hidden Away (Alfheim)
21 Witch's Womb (cave)
22 Celestial
23 Nameless Sorcerer
24 The Elements Animus
25 Last Refuge (The Village of Thule)
26 So Near
27 Kyle's Desperate Gamble (Einherjar 2)
28 The Winding Road
29 Grim Determination
30 Ragnarok
31 In Soft Reflection
32 Helheim's Ruin
33 Castle of Filth
34 All Seeing Eye
35 The Grand Reveal (Cthulu)
36 Hail the Conquering Heroes
37 Mannheim
38 Second Star to the Right (Goodbye Song)

Personal Note

It's been a long journey. I was 19 when I wrote the original midis. And let me tell you, they were exceptionally difficult to adapt. Too many instruments at once / little understanding of the mechanics of music. However, while there are a fair number of new songs I wrote for this, I could not throw the old ones away. Okay, I threw a couple of them away. But the reason I didn't start from scratch was because this little world that Fenrir had built really inspired me when I was 19, and while they could have been better arranged, you can hear that inspiration in every note. And so, I've done the very best I can with them and I hope they bring you a lot of enjoyment. My love to the OHR community. Thank you for revealing to me two of my greatest lifelong passions: music and game design. And thank YOU for your continued support!

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