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So I've been messing with making some different font related tools. At first I was constructing something with python to actually construct files from scratch, but then TMC pointed out that there's actually a great tool made by Flikky that takes OHF files, converts them to PNG, and then from PNG back into OHF (to put back into your game).

I experimented with making some tools to make importable TTF fonts and whatnot, but the quality was always terrible. I realized that in the end, all I was doing was programmatically taking screenshots of a font chart and expecting it to look good. Why bother? You're going to end up needing to clean it up anyway.

In any case, I made a layered font template for asesprite (which is a fantastic sprite art program, that you should totally buy). Bottom layer is the grid. Middle layer is the original, base OHR font with the opacity set to 50%. Top layer is empty, and is where you should be putting your new font (if you hit 't' by default, you can insert text in aseprite).

When you've finished, you can just delete the middle layer (the base OHR font), flatten the image as a png, and use Flikky's image_to_ohf to import your new font into your game.

Download Flikky's Font Tools here:
My template is attached to this post.

Edit: Added a font that I made in around 12 minutes using this method, using the YuGoth font included in aseprite.
PostPosted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 7:18 pm

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Download (1.53 KB; downloaded 34 times)
A font made in less than 15 minutes using this method. "YuGothOHR" (I am no artist!) (3.33 KB; downloaded 38 times)
Rue's Font Template (ASE Format)