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One day I was playing Minesweeper, and I got upset. I had to guess between two spots for the last mine, and I guessed wrong! I lost the whole level, just because of a lost lottery. You know what would be cool? If Minesweeper was a tactics game, and you didn't lose the entire level for a single mistake. Thus, Minesweeper Tactics was born! Now you can make many mistakes before losing! Grin

Minesweeper Tactics has 3 difficulties:

Since this is a beta build of the game, try them all out. See how much more difficult they are/feel. Is Deadly unbeatable? Is Easy too trivial? I need your feedback.

All other feedback is welcome, but I'm particularly interested to know if the use of each unit type is clear. Is resource collection straight-forward? What aspects were not clear immediately (and which remain a mystery)?

EDIT 12/05/2020:
v1.1 Release
+ Highlights tiles in range of movement/action
+ Settings menu
+ Basic Fog of War mechanics, where monsters lay in hiding
+ Descriptive messages appear on-screen when an invalid instruction is given
+ Larger map, with camera controls
+ Unit descriptions menu on main menu (escape menu)
+ Tutorial window when starting a new game
+ Color of overlay numbers corresponds to value
+ Can mark tiles as safe or unsafe
* Range limit for Fighters/Scouts
* Unit menus have no box to see more clearly what you are doing
* Units can use remaining movement after moving on their turn
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