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When you script character dialogue for your elaborate cutscenes, do you tire of writing:

show text box (text)
wait for text box

Would you rather use something simpler and faster to achieve the same goal, like:

basic text (text)

Do you shortchange your brilliant cutscenes with rushed or lazy scripts because you tire of writing redundant steps like "wait for hero" over and over?

Then read on!

What This Is:

For those who want to simplify their scripts with shortcuts for essential functions, this pack covers a swath of user needs.

"Convenience Functions for the OHR: Volume 1" offers 115 new functions to help users speed up the scripting process, focusing primarily on movement commands but not limiting to them, while also allowing for more complex actions in more compressed space, like applying the same actions to an entire group of heroes.

Categories Include:

General Shortcuts
Movement Shortcuts
- Hero Movements
- NPC Movements
- Group Movements (Heroes Only)
- Position Shortcuts
- Hero and NPC Pixel Movements
- NPC Passage Rules
- Camera Movements
- Bonus Fine-tuned Movements
Character Display and Animations
Tile Animation Shortcuts

What's in the Zip:

This pack includes "convenience functions.txt," which contains all 115 functions, a Word document that explains how each function works, and the "Movement Shortcuts" RPG and script files to demonstrate a few of these functions in action.

Please use "Movement Shortcuts" to practice any function you're not yet comfortable using.

If you have ideas for additional shortcuts, leave a comment on the forums.

Thanks for using them. I hope they work out for you.
PostPosted: Wed Apr 15, 2020 7:40 am
Movement Movement (95.73 KB; downloaded 47 times)
Contains test rpg, practice script, hsi file, convenience functions.txt, and word document explaining each function