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Explorer and map-maker Bok travels to the distant planet Ihctogo on the spaceship Ummiboro 5, seeking to be the first to thoroughly document the planet. He is joined on his travels across the planet's surface by warrior Norgu, scientist Ondu, and healer Crikki. Of course, this won't end up being *just* a normal exploration mission...

Loosely based on a story I wrote in elementary school, "Bok's Expedition" is my entry to the 2020 Ridiculous Games Contest -- "The 1998 One." It's built with the restrictions of the 1998-1999 OHRRPGCE editor in mind, so features introduced in newer versions (such as status ailments, sound effects, more than one animated tile per tileset, scripting, more than 4 maps...) are not used.

Currently the game is not quite complete, but reaches a decent stopping point (there's a major boss battle and then you're supposed to head back up out of the caves... except the rest of the game after you leave the caves again isn't there yet, so you can't get to the "real" ending.)
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Bok's Bok's (2.07 MB; downloaded 32 times)
The game itself
Suddenly it's looking very... purple... in here.
Block-pushing puzzles... because of course there are!
1998's closest equivalent of "forceequip"
Bring meat to Chef Immun and he'll turn it into food items for you.
Battle against a large and tentacley enemy.