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Broken stuff. The working version of this game is Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha).


• Tome (keep updated)
• Title screen
o Add menu
o Improve art *do this after the menu is working*
• Stat checks
o Lockpicking
o Disarm traps
o Dodge traps
• Dungeons
o Traps (trapped chests, trapped floor tiles, etc.)
o Dig sites
o Secrets
o Treasure
o Puzzles
o Side-quests
o Map re-design
o Books of lore
• Attacks
o Expand/improve buffs, debuffs, status effects, status cures, etc.
o “Flee” chance of failure?
o Fix Busbaa’s Feral attacks so they target automatically
o Chained Attacks
o Charged Attacks
o Multiple Hitting Projectiles
o Summoning Attacks *priority: Lord*
o Assign newer attacks to heroes and enemies. *priority: Lord*
o Fix Cure? (I don’t remember what this means)
• Graphics
o Change mouse cursor
o Graphics for buff/debuff attacks *priority: Lord*
• Battles
o Non-lethal 1-on-1 arena fights?
o More arena fights?
o Fightable NPCs?
o Keep tweaking encounter rates
o Status bars or scan attack for stun/regen/mute/poison registers?
• Items
o Too many potions? (Keep testing)
o Rare consumables that permanently boost a stat
• Crafting System
o Custom menus for forges
o Better oven interface for additional recipes?
o Develop crafting loops
• Enemies
o New enemies that use newer attacks *priority: Lord*
o Drop/steal status cure items *priority: Lord*
• NPCs
o Improve/polish treasure chests
o Tip jar in village – pay money to “make a request”
o Xox alms, quests, dialog, and story
o Cellar door issues need to be fixed
o Trap cave dwellers
o Zark variant for after fleeing Trieq?
o Fix Busbaa cave door cover (floating over hero) *priority: whoever*
o Alter graphic & text box for depleted lumba *priority: whoever*
o Keep testing & tweaking regen timers
o Rotate ore vein graphic when depleted *priority: whoever*
• Music & Sound
o Victory fanfare
o Vehicle music?
o Sounds for status attacks, digging, mining, etc.
• Bugs
o Dig sites *priority: whoever*
o Bestiary not working consistently *priority: whoever*
o Oot & Squishy lose stats when re-joining the party *priority: whoever*
o Vit and Vib – wrong dialog? can't reproduce? *priority: whoever*

Engine build: Fufluns

Game updated:
2020.01.12 (TLTG)
2020.01.14 (TLTG)
2020.01.16 - Critical hits, scry ability, attack captions, plus additional attacks not yet in use. (TLTG)
2020.01.19 - Lumba milking, enemy portraits (B)
2020.01.21 - Busbaa eyes hide (B)
2020.03.16 - Level themes, etc.
2020.03.17 - Stat stealing attacks, status cure items, status cure spells.
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