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It was like any other normal day out in the forest. Arien spent time with his sister gathering berries as a surprise to his give to his friend. However, what started out as a normal day in the forest, quickly spiraled out of control! Join Arien on his journey to uncover the truth!

[Oct 29 2019]
- Game demo is finally out

- If you're lost, be sure to check your Diary! 
- Explore around! Towns have "free" stuff! Dungeons have loot!
- Stealing is worth your time!
- Experiment with everyone's special ability!

- All skills are unlocked, for balancing reasons, although, some skills may be broken. (ie, no stat check and chains through entire spell)
- If you ignore the final area, there will be dungeon vendors that will sell you costume changes and weapons that change the way you fight.
- This demo is slightly updated from the 2014 version...

Many Thanks:
James Paige - For tremendous help with scripts
Thomas - For helping me with my compositions and providing music
Charbile - For keeping me motivated enough to continue

Personal Note:
I'm not sure if I would continue this project, my random disappearance back then was due to me being hospitalized, and due to extreme circumstance, I had to go under surgery along with other complications that left me incapacitated for a while.

Programs Used:
Sibelius 7
Adobe Photoshop
Download (0MB; 95 downloads)


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