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Sneak Feast is a game I made with my pal Hoodah with some help from our friend Khatoblepas for a thing called "Fat Fortnight Game Jam" which is a 2 week dev period game jam themed around fat/weight gain fetish material. Normally I'd balk at the idea of putting something like this on the games list, but since standards have apparently become pretty uhhh... lax to say the least as of late, I figured I'd put it up anyway, since I think it makes decent use of the engine and so far people have been enjoying the gameplay. (Also, the weight gain aspect is PG-rated, cartoony and completely non-sexual, but I'll tag it NSFW nonetheless just to be prudent) If you don't mind seeing an extremely fat cartoon panther, by all means give it a try.

The goal is to eat every food item on the map while avoiding guards, and escape once you accomplish your objective. Hide in gaps of shelving to avoid their sight and make them lose sight of you if you're spotted. The more you eat the bigger your player character gets, so your options for traversing the hallways of the map narrow as you carry out your mission, and you also get less viable hiding spots to make use of.

There's also a time attack mode you can unlock after beating the game normally at least once too!

All game engine stuff, HamsterSpeaking, map tiles - Foxley
Character sprites, scenario/writing, music and sound effect selection - Hoodah
Food item sprites and palette advice - Khatoblepas

EDIT 8/13/19:
I'm fairly positive I fixed the final bugs in the game tonight. Also remembered to implement the menu select sounds I had imported days ago, whoops.
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