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Released to commemorate Vore Day (8-8), a slight graphical and balance overhaul of my Say It Ain't So Contest entry NO EAT! is being posted here on Slime Salad. Additions include a little bit of newbie-proofing to teach people they can equip their weapons as soon as they arrive in the stomach, buffing the items gained from treasure chests on a lockpick run, and a soundtrack (royalty-free music from Kevin McLeod's website).

For roughly a week after release, I will occasionally update with further tweaks to replace more graphics that were technically not my own to begin with (like a photo of an inflamed appendix I got by Google image searching, replacing the battle backdrop the way I replaced the maptiles, etc.).

The uncensored but aesthetically and gameplay inferior version can be found here:

An aesthetically and gameplay improved uncensored version can be found here:

Warning: While this game is considerably censored from its initial release back in 2011, it still contains some objectionable material that audiences may find off-putting, and in some cases are intended to. Intended for mature audiences who are interested in a game where one cartoon dog eats another cartoon dog, two married consenting adults imply that they occasionally have intercourse with each other, and a brief scene including a large amount of canine excrement.
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NO NO (17.25 MB; downloaded 178 times)
Tasty apple version for those who want their dogs inside of apples?
NO NO (17.42 MB; downloaded 657 times)
Happy Vore Day!
NO EAT+0002.png
A reference to the screenshot used for advertising the original, highlighting how much more censored it is now.