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The silliest OHR game I ever attempted creating, intended as an entry for the Ridiculous Game Contest. The story is fully finished, only battles and items are still incomplete. This game contains lots or religious references and Christian puns: You might wanna avoid it if you're sensitive to religious themes. It was inspired by a similar game called Moron Mission, the whole concept popped in my head after playing it:

You play as a young priest of highly questionable sanity, who was raised in a monastery together with three other priests. The high priest decides to get rid of you for everyone's safety, which he does by sending you on a mission: To achieve something great in the name of Christ. Together with your new friend, you embark on the epic quest of spreading the lord's word like fire across the land... in this case quite literally.

This demo was last updated on September 2016. The game is approximately 95% complete, many elements are unfinished and it's only partly playable. It may contain some NSFW elements. It uses assets remixed by me from the art offered by Fenrir Lunaris, and is fully licensed under the PD / CC0 license: You are free to redistribute this project, as well as to fork and use it as a basis for your own game.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 5:39 pm
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