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Possibly the first OHRRPGCE game I started working on. A lengthy fantasy adventure game, focused on the struggles between a highly conservative human world and a strongly progressive anthro society. Only part of the story was ever finished; It's unclear if and when I will come back to this, especially after the project became associated with a depressing point in my life. It was initially meant to be a vore game, but as development went on I wanted to turn it into something bigger similar to Vikings of Midgard:

This demo was last updated on May 2016. The game is approximately 25% complete, many elements are unfinished and it's only partly playable. It uses assets remixed by me from the art offered by Fenrir Lunaris, and is fully licensed under the PD / CC0 license: You are free to redistribute this project, as well as to fork and use it as a basis for your own game.
PostPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 4:46 pm
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