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(The game title will make more sense when it has a '90s cartoon pilot style title card and everything)

Renaldo is an overworked and underpaid fast food worker who finds himself in a pickle after all his coworkers call out on him and he's forced to run the place solo in order to make ends meet. Can you survive the service job shift from hell?

This is the feature complete but unfinished release of the game I was doing for the One Room Contest that was in February. I apparently overscoped like a motherfucker in terms of coding requirements, but managed to get everything working at last.

It's kind of a workload management simulation-ey game in the vein of Papers Please. Feedback on how the different difficulty modes feel would be highly appreciated, just send me a PM if you play it and have any feedback. Or let me know on the Slime Salad Discord server.

Things to be added:
    A title screen
    Music and original sound effects
    The ending scene that I already wrote a script for
    Varied NPC appearance
    Special NPC cutscenes
    Battle scenes for NPCs beating you up
    Might make the game shorter
PostPosted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 3:11 am
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