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Tworound ver 0.5

The prophesy says the Puppet will obtain ancient power held by powers of darkness, boi...

This game made intentionally ridiculous, so go with accuracy for yourself, I proclaim myself irresponsible for any moral loss it may cause, hehe.


    Rock-Paper-Scissors battle system with evil AI and level-ups

    Ambient lo-fi OST recorded live by Chalk and lots'a musical instruments

    Pretty awful game design

    Inevitable secret mega-boss

    One and only ending(not mentioning the fake one)

    Sexy leg Uboa



Arrow keys to move/battle menu
Enter/Space/Ctrl to accept/interact
Esc/Alt to decline/open menu
Load automatically after title screen


Alt-Enter to Fullscreen/Windowed
F12 to take a PNG screenshot
Ctrl-F12 to start/stop recording GIF

WARNING! : Please be sure you have the game's directory whitelisted for antivirus on-run scan(you can scan it manually) - game's data is rare-formatted. By downloading and running it you confirm that I am not responsible for all kind of damage it may cause(though there shouldn't be any)!
PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2019 4:13 pm

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Tworound-Debian-32-64.tar.gz Tworound-Debian-32-64.tar.gz (14.16 MB; downloaded 20 times)
Linux Debian 32-64
Tworound-Linux-32.tar.gz Tworound-Linux-32.tar.gz (8.97 MB; downloaded 20 times)
Linux 32-bit
Tworound-Linux-64.tar.gz Tworound-Linux-64.tar.gz (8.95 MB; downloaded 23 times)
Linux 64-bit (9.68 MB; downloaded 20 times)
Mac (9.8 MB; downloaded 34 times)
Look at these dead eyes!
Basically, the whole game in a nutshell