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This is an OHRRPGCE releated converter tool with a very specific purpose: Change a beelzebufo version RPG file to the hasta-la-qb+ version, the last one for MS-DOS. Why would anybody do that? Because you can develop an old-fashioned RPG for very old computers with the easiness of the OHRRPGCE especially with the improved usability of the newer version. The Quickbasic version, hasta-la-qb+, sometimes called OHRDOS, isn't so mature with the management of all the graphics. So now you can use the advantages of the new version and still make an RPG for Win3.11. Take a look at the Readme.txt first, if you really want to do this, as there are big things to consider before starting a project.

If you are expecting magic from this tool, take a look inside the program code. These are just some MS-DOS batch files combined with powerful Linux commands. It doesn't add any new features to OHRDOS. You better look out to avoid them, if an RPG for MS-DOS is your goal.

This converter will probably work only on Windows 98... how selfish! But even if it's not very useful for current OHRRPGCE developers, let's just have a working version downgrade tool for fun.
PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 7:09 pm

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