Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha)

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Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha)

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Glur is of age now; but he must complete three tasks before the elder initiates him into the Folk. How will Glur solve the problems that face his village? Where will his quest lead and what perils await? What choices will he make when presented with difficult decisions? Will he honor Yoth? It's all for you to decide!

PILGRIMAGE is a weird fantasy/sci-fi RPG in the HINTERLANDS campaign setting. Inspired by gamebooks, adventure games, and RPGs of yore, it features a branching non-linear narrative with multiple endings, meaningful choices, and hidden secrets to discover. Meet eccentric friends, tame wild beasts, explore labyrinthine dungeons, solve devious puzzles, fight dangerous monsters, and collect valuable artifacts. Adventure awaits on the island of Pyra!


Move - Arrow Keys
Action/Confirm - ENTER
Menu/Cancel - ESC

Move/Action/Confirm - Left Button
Menu/Cancel - Right Button

Move - D-Pad
Action/Confirm - A
Menu/Cancel - B


Access "Party Chat" from the main menu to talk to your companions.

Use "The Tome of Yoth" to view maps, objectives, and details about enemies you've encountered.


Effects of updates may or may not be reflected when importing a save from an older copy of Pilgrimage.

2018.12.15 - Scroll items fixed; improved battle menus.
2018.12.16 - Brigands battle fixed; bestiary & pets clarified, shrines added to Hive.
2018.12.16 - Text box updated to clarify objective.
2018.12.16 - Fixed bug introduced in first update, some text boxes and menu captions updated for clarity.
2018.12.16 - Closed plot holes identified by testers.
2019.01.05 - Fixed minor bugs identified by testers.
2019.01.06 - Fixed minor bugs identified by testers.
2019.06.17 - Upgraded graphics, streamlined skill lists, minor fixes.
2019.09.20 - Inn cost reduced, safety zones added near shrines, minor fixes.
2019.12.23 - Mouse input enabled.
2019.12.26 - Airship vehicle added, new pets to hire at steward, shops in dungeons, random encounters reduced.
2020.01.06 - Mining and other goodies added.
2020.01.08 - Weapon upgrades available at forges.
2020.01.11 - Zapfruit bushes deplete when harvested and re-grow on a timer.
2020.01.12 - Forged equipment bug fixed.
2020.01.14 - Pet battle animations, improved "flee," forge item values & descriptions, and more.
2020.01.16 - Critical hits, scry ability, attack captions.
2020.01.19 - Lumba milk timers, Bestiary portraits.
2020.01.21 - Watcher in the Hive improved.
2020.03.16 - Dungeon themes assigned, other minor fixes.

pilgrimage_mac_32bit_194.zip (0MB; 107 downloads) Mac ZIP (32bit)

pilgrimage_mac_699.zip (0MB; 183 downloads) Mac ZIP (64bit)

pilgrimage_542.zip (0MB; 240 downloads) Windows ZIP


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Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha)
Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha)
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Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha)
Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha)
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Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha)
Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha)
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