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PILGRIMAGE is a weird fantasy/sci-fi RPG in the HINTERLANDS campaign setting.


Move - Arrow Keys
Action/Confirm - ENTER
Menu/Cancel - ESC

Move - D-Pad
Action/Confirm - A
Menu/Cancel - B


Access "Party Chat" from the main menu to talk to your companions.

Use "The Tome of Yoth" to view maps, objectives, and details about enemies you've encountered.

[Hinterlands: Pilgrimage (alpha) may receive minor tweaks/fixes in the remaining days before the HOTOHR deadline, but this is basically it for 2018. More substantial updates to follow in 2019.

UPDATE 2018.12.15 - Scroll items fixed; improved battle menus.
UPDATE 2018.12.16 - Brigands battle fixed; bestiary & pets clarified, shrines added to Hive.
UPDATE 2018.12.16 - Text box updated to clarify objective.
UPDATE 2018.12.16 - Fixed bug introduced in first update, some text boxes and menu captions updated for clarity.
UPDATE 2018.12.16 - Closed plot holes identified by testers.
UPDATE 2019.01.05 - Fixed minor bugs identified by testers.
UPDATE 2019.01.06 - Fixed minor bugs identified by testers.

Effects of updates may or may not be reflected when importing a save from an older copy of Pilgrimage.]
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