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The version of YNAH for the 2018 HotOHR. This is only the first part of the game but it's a contained enough experience to be a bit more than a demo.

Of course, in trying to rush this for the contest with very little testing there may be many bugs... Send me a Slimesalad PM, Discord message, or email ASAP if you're stuck.


Damien the wolf-person-thing just wanted a nice life, but after college he pretty much just burned out and lives at his mom's house, spending his time wasting time in chatrooms, drinking and other such activities. But after the neighbor girl he has the hots for disappears one night, he is reluctantly forced to go on an adventure through familiar and strange places, meet new friends, and become a true hero.

1/20/19: Fixed the "stuck inside a wall in Fang Manor" fatal bug, fixed some typos and small bugs. Enemies in the endgame got nerfed a bit.
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