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The German title of this game is: Rollende, Radikale Revolte

Listen! The complete game will be translated to English. However this project totally got out of control and keeps growing and growing everywhere... how to stop it... inspiration here... inspiration there... more ideas coming in... have to thrust them into the keyboard... now how to use plotscripting for that... and there we have the fun. Won't get away from that!
The translation will be ready, when it's ready. A translated walkthrough (ENGLISH.txt) might give you guidance at the moment, but I rather recommend leaving this game behind and come back next year or so.

Anyway, here is the games description:
The transplanetary ministry of peace and friendship decides to act, as the power-posessed tyrant called Jacques goes insane. Our war-red, round shaped friend Raddanz should get things back into balance. Raddanz is the spawn of aggression and rage. The perfect guy, to tear down whole castles.
Well... if this would be an easy effort, this game wouldn't have to exist.

Technical things:
MIDI files are used as background music. Set it up 100% correctly under Linux, or let it be a great computer system, that is not made for games.
Uses a slightly modified OHRRPGCE engine of 2013, compatible with Windows 95 power machines.
All plotscripts are available for learning purpouses.
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Attention, this is currently a non-translated game
There are monsters out there!
This shows the many character options