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After months of mostly boxing herself within her apartment, Crowdette finally decides to go outside and run some errands for once. The journey to leave her comfort zone won't be easy though, as she will also have to confront her own inner demons.

Formally released for the 1 Room RPG Jam #2 (as "Colourful Capture"), but now modified as its own, fully-fledged game.

Music provided by emamouse (

11/17/2018: Fixed Pebble and Expresso item bugs, rebalanced enemies and bosses, added new Fire elemental attacks.
11/23/2018: Rebalanced elemental resistances/weakness on enemies, slightly toned down encounter rate, new respawn mechanic upon death.
12/24/2018: Battle turns no longer randomized, files now include readme.
1/2/2019: Fixed some severe scripting and tag-based bugs.
2/16/2019: Hall Key item is slightly more expensive (to encourage grinding inside room), battle speed is slightly more forgiving, sound effects added to various attacks, some slight proofreading.
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