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Px is a freeware minimalistic adventure-RPG Yume Nikki style game made with OHRRPGCE.

* A few worlds to explore
* Bitsy protag
* Effects to collect and use
* Ambient soundtrack
* Two accessible endings based on choices you make

Made for itch.io Dream Diary Jam 2018

Zip size is around 3MB
Note: Win and Mac zips should be stable, but I am unsure with others, so please, if you have
Android/Linux/are playing with gamepad/console supporting OHRRPGCE games -
message me!

If you are easy with HamsterSpeak coding you may check script file, that's a mess, any thoughts on improvement are welcome.
Current version - 1.0

‚ÄčAverage gameplay: 15-20 min

WARNING! : Please be sure you have the game's directory whitelisted for antivirus on-run scan(you can scan it manually) - game's data is rare-formatted. By downloading and running it you confirm that I am not responsible for all kind of damage it may cause(though there shouldn't be any)!
PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 12:25 pm

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px-linux-deb-32-64.zip px-linux-deb-32-64.zip (4.95 MB; downloaded 91 times)
Linux debian package ver 1.0
px-linux-x86_64.tar.gz px-linux-x86_64.tar.gz (2.45 MB; downloaded 93 times)
Linux 64-bit ver 1.0
px-linux-x86.tar.gz px-linux-x86.tar.gz (2.52 MB; downloaded 91 times)
Linux ver 1.0
px-mac.zip px-mac.zip (3.21 MB; downloaded 92 times)
Mac ver 1.0
px.zip px.zip (3.31 MB; downloaded 110 times)
Windows ver 1.0
Effects do make a difference
Customise options through menu
Make choices
Explore the worlds