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I am making a game-slash-game engine that will hopefully be useful in future.

Right now, nothing is really completed, but you can look at graphics and script assets and check out the rough design/layout of the map.

It's all terribly unfinished and requires a lot of work, maybe more than I can manage. I want to fill in at least a few areas so I can release a demo. But I also need to work on the gameplay systems quite a lot.

Maybe it will turn into something, maybe it will fizzle out and die.
Time will tell.
I've uploaded it here in case anyone is curious.

screenshots not representative of gameplay or the contents of the file. It's meant to be demonstrative.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2018 1:54 am

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desert funk desert funk (483.46 KB; downloaded 95 times)
updated map version 2. some ideas knocking about
desert funk0001.bmp
I want to make the game exploration based.
desert funk0000.bmp
working with different vertical elements is difficult in a strictly 2D space. But it's possible! I think haha
VapourSword crash-recovered 30002.bmp
VapourSword crash-recovered 30001.bmp
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