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In a strange skin granted by the devil, there exists an art gallery. Inside this complicated gallery are always paintings that perfectly solves the problems of its visitors and seemingly without cost.

Comic Horror Story (part 2):
In Nazi Germany, a dying Jewish painter is sucked into the Complicated Gallery. Here, he becomes victimized by his muse, Chaos, to find a standard 56 deck of playing cards.

Morphine for the Soul:
A fantasy epic about a young girl named Alice, who follows a spooky rabbit into a spooky place and...?

House Hause Hausu:
Someone's double dog dared you to go into this spooky house. You can't say no to that, that would be rude and unkind. You don't want to be a rude boy, do you?

Note: This is the fifth episode of Complicated Gallery, and it is necessary to have played the previous episodes in order to enjoy this one.
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