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Graphics from the 8-bit graphic set here:
Partially inspired by spaghetti westerns and samurai films.
No music. Suggested listening music:

There are NO keys in this game. The owl just says that as a setup for future quest stuff. Don't bother looking for any. Sorry bout that.
Also, the waki is quite broken, you need to set its else chain to about half (~40%)

Suggested playing guide.
Buying a Wakizashi should help you with killing snakes. It hits more often.
Buying a Fury (or Anger) is a good choice.

Get Kant, ignore the ninjas. They are there for debug purposes (but they got lost). Eventually, there will be a price or limitations on their recruitment.
edit: Ninjas have some elemental powers. Acorns weak to fire, Swords weak to ice.

First try defeating all the animals in the nearby area.
Acorn bombers are weak to blunt attacks. But don't kill them, they're just fancy placeholder obstacles. Just go around where possible. They are also weak to fire (ninjas)

Buildings and the mine and castle do not have walls implemented so you can walk through them.

Soldiers drop money when defeated and they are to the north.
You can see knights who are bosses.
You can also find necromancers who are high level enemies.
You can run away from any encounter.
There is no revive.

Wall maps are not fully drawn.
NPCs are present for testing purposes.

Writing. Placeholders. Don't tell me! I already know.
Quests/Sidequests. About 20. Not implemented, but a lot of ideas for it.
Messing around with the battle system. Incomplete.
Adding game/player widgets. A few. Need more.
Fully mapping all areas. Not done yet. Mine and Castle need to be outlined.
Implementing traps and puzzles. Not done yet.

I'm still working on the design document, and I might just leave this in pre-production if it goes on too much. I want to get ready for HOTOHR.

In my design docs, the game has soldiers and VIPs who patrol between points who can be intercepted.
There will be various slaves, servants and prisoners who can be freed etc.,
It also has soldiers who can be bribed, killed, coerced etc.,

Then I might add some orc/troll type peeps

Then I might add various heroes. At the moment, there's a few heroes available at the beginning, but its just for prototyping.

Then I want to flesh out dialogue, theme, speech.

Then maybe combat balancing, enemies, encounters and NPCs.
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updated with new enemies, some elemental magic, and extra advice.
second update. minor fixes.
you can see inside the mountain, as well as in buildings.
the knights will be hard enough that you will need 4 party members more or less to take down.
in the inn
graphics by Fnrrf Ygm Schnish from the 8-bit graphic set
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