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In a swirling rain of angels, there is an art gallery. Inside this complicated gallery are always paintings that perfectly solves the problems of its visitors and seemingly without cost. Who is the curator, and why does he wear a suit and tie? Why does he smoke all the time, and is that even legal? What's the deal with the teleporting? Is he God? Is he Satan? Is it a real bad time to convert to LaVeyism?

Persona Women Read Dance:
A brutal murder of a New York City police officer results in a cascade of violence across New York City. Can you stop his murderer, before the FBI is called in and you're put on forced leave?

Wizard, Bloody Wizard:
A malevolent benefactor brings 6 people together for a violent contest. Be the last man standing, and your deepest wish shall be granted. But is the benefactor laughing when she says it's within her power?

The Hour of the Wandering Demon:
A mysterious series of gory deaths have plagued your neighborhood for the past week. Police have been baffled, and they're saying on the news that it might be the work of some giant animal. A mysterious letter arrives saying you're next, can you avoid becoming the next number in his multi-trillion kill count?

Note: This is the fourth episode of Complicated Gallery, but it is not necessary to have played the previous episodes in order to enjoy this one.
PostPosted: Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:12 am
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