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In a swirling light of existence, there is an art gallery. Inside this complicated gallery are always paintings that perfectly solves the problems of its visitors and seemingly without cost. Who does its curator work for? God? Satan? Chaos? Is this solution benign, or malevolent? There's only one way to find out...

Complicated Gallery (part 1):
One of the most horrific criminals in human history is killed in a car accident, and goes to Hell. Once there, the devils inside craft an imperfect replica of the Complicated Gallery inside, for giggles. Can our hero escape, and possibly even reform? 16 galleries of pure terror await.

A teenage girl is framed for terrorism and executed. In the afterlife, she finds herself in a realm mimicking fantasy cartoons of her youth. Only now, it seems Mr. Evil has disposed of Princess Goodiekins. Can our heroine survive Mr. Evil's reign of terror?

A Very Special Message from Dr. Rosenfeld:
The good Dr. Rosenfeld has a very special message for viewers considering improper courses of action.
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