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I rehashed the scripts I used for Pixel-Walker and turned them into a platformer tech demo. I added in gravity and acceleration/friction. There's one known bug where the player may pass through a wall when coming at a corner from a diagonal. Other than that it works pretty smoothly, and changing speeds is fairly simple (often as easy as changing the value of a constant at the top of the scripts).

Let me know if you have any trouble understanding the scripts or implementing them into another system. I plan on adding a few more things, namely an animation handler to define better player animations and NPCs as well. Right now all of the scripts only provide physics to the main player sprite.

Uses OHRRPGCE version dwimmercrafty

UPDATE 09/10/17: Added some graphics and polished some of the issues with collisions. Cleaned up the scripts on animation. They should be easier to follow now, but maybe not perfect.

UPDATE 09/27/17: Added NPCs, which are not OHR default NPCs. They can move using "Pace" or stand still and idle animate. They can also be set to be activated either by stepping on them or by using them by pressing "up."

UPDATE 11/26/17: Minor code cleanup. Scripts no longer as reliant on "check cardinal direcion()"
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