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This is a demo that I made for GBJam 2013. It's not OHR-related but thinking about palettes reminded me of this one, I wrote a pixel shader for it to do palette swap effects. At one point I ported to PSVita with an early build of MonoGame, but that didn't really go anywhere. I ported it to MonoGame 3.6 on 5/24/17, should work fine on Windows 8 and up, 7 with .Net 4.0 installed. Please let me know if you have issues running it.

Bonus folder includes in-dev GIF previews and concept mockup.

Luka is an L-block who doesn’t know where he fits in. We all just want to fit in.

    Arrow keys move Luka left and right
    Z makes Luka jump when he’s on the ground, or do an air dash once he’s obtained it
    X activates the gravity flip once he’s obtained it
    Enter brings up the map, which indicates where Luka has been and what powerups he has
    Down activates a shape shifting pedestal

Things that move are either collectible or there to mark your last continue point. Things that blink might be good places for Luka to fit into.

After escaping his world and finding himself somewhere else, Luka realizes that he still doesn’t fit in everywhere. Maybe he can find ways to change that. Perhaps he can change himself, conforming to his surroundings. Perhaps he can take what he learns here back home. Perhaps he fit in all along.

The demo ends when you reach the screen that says DEMO END. The whole thing is maybe a few minutes long. It's mostly feature-complete, I just never built more levels.

Uses the xTile tile engine library.
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Luka MonoGame Demo
Gameplay GIF
Luka the L-Block