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version 17.05.12

Dr. Wartor, with fires of conquest flaring in the reflection of
his lens, releases an army of scientific owl and bear hyrbrid magic
monsters to invade the village! A good kobold, named Pibi, decides to
brandish his magical staff and see how many fiendish baddies he can ward
off before he becomes too fatigued to fight any longer.
For the OHR Multicart Compilation

Engine used: OHRRPGCE, developed by James Page, TMC, and others

Uses the 3rd Party HSI, rpg.hamsterrepublic.com/ohrrpgce/Scripts:3rd_Par

Contains bitmap graphics based on the Fenwick Woodtype font

Uses an approximation of the NES palette

Tools used: BFXR for Sound Effects (except when a sound effect bundled
with OHRRPGCE is used), TIATracker for music, Graphics Gale and OHRRPGCE
for bitmap art

And a thanks to Willy Electrix for finding bugs and oversights while
enjoying the game
TMC as well, for finding critical bugs to justify a new release


Owlbears runs an .rpg file called megallennium.rpg upon quitting. If you
are playing as part of the Megallennium 6-in-1 multi-cart package, then
megallennium.rpg runs a game selection menu. If you are playing the
standalone version, then it runs a dummy file called megallennium.rpg
that cleanly quits to desktop.

Please do not delete megallennium.rpg in either case!
ver 17.05.12 change
- Added additional movement to Gremlins to ensure they will always eventually fly into Pibi if not killed, hopefully eliminating any cases where they didn't

ver 17.05.11 changes
- Undid the .10b hotfix, made adjustments to Gremlin flight pattern to compensate
- Balance: Reduced Oozer movement speed scaling, and made Oozer vertical movement speed a larger reduction
- Balance: Delayed when Oozer "bits" that spawn after splitting apart can damage Pibi
- Added random variation to monster movement: Owlbear initial speed, Gremlin flight curve, and how high Oozers jump

ver 17.05.10b hotfix
- Reverted a couple of changes to fix broken monster movement

ver 17.05.10 changes
- Added a dummy megallennium.rpg file to allow a standalone Owlbears release and updates to Owlbears in the Megallennium compilation simultaneously
- Added changelog.txt
- Changed internal timing script
- Fixed score multiplier bug. Now the points from slain enemies are correctly added to your score
This greatly affects how large the score can be, so high score competetition should be isolated to different versions
- Updated the default high scores to reflect the new high score scaling
- Increased the base overall game speed
- Increased the rate which the game speeds up
- Increased the base volume
- Added back Fullscreen/Windowed and Quit to the in-game menu, Quit no longer uses the default OHRRPGCE quit feature
- The F12 (screenshot) key is now exempt from checks for any key press, allowing the high score table to have its screenshot taken
- Finally stopped being lazy and made the increase to the points needed to gain extra lives to true multiples of 15,000, not a multiple of the score at the time an extra life is earned

owlbears_dist_114.zip (0MB; 279 downloads)


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