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Star Dartle 2000 is my (unfinished) entry for the Multicart Compilation

I have had too many programming-related distractions, and might not be able to get this ready by the deadline. If anybody wants to jump in and take it over, they are very welcome to.

It is heavily scripted, and uses slices as fake-object-oriented-programming, but is simpler than many of my other heavily-scripted games, and might be easier for other people to understand.

The script is included in the zip, and I will happily discuss it with anyone.

Here are my un-implemented ideas for this game:

* Defeating all targets in a wave should drop a weapon upgrade, making weapon upgrades easy-to-get.
* Taking damage should remove a weapon upgrade, and taking a hit with no weapon upgrades means you die, meaning that your weapon upgrades are equivalent to your ship-health.
* The true goal of the game is not just to complete the level, and not just to destroy all the enemies.
* The current display of number of escapes was for debugging. In the final game I want the player to have to count escapes themselves
* The true goal would come at the end of each stage, where you appear before Lord Shiptaur, and have to apologize for letting enemies escape. He would ask you to estimate how many times you failed him, and you would have to select a number that was close enough (probably just within the right order of magnitude) Lord Shiptaur knows and sees all, so he would always know the correct number, and would thank you for your honesty, or blast you for your dishonesty.
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