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Help Bob the Hamster pilot his yellow space-submarine through the frozen sea of an ice-moon. Collect space-treasure! Frolic with space-jellyfish! Pollute the pristine alien ocean with thousands of science-buoys!

This game was written with Unity3d and C#

All jellyfish noises courtesy of my daughter, Shayna J-P

Background music is Bilinsky by rocavaco (CC-BY)

This game is also available for Android phones & Tablets from Google Play
PostPosted: Fri Feb 03, 2017 6:12 pm

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Download (17.99 MB; downloaded 163 times)
Mantle Moon Sea 1.0 for Linux x86_64 (yes I know I zipped a bzipped tarball) (29.97 MB; downloaded 227 times)
Mantle Moon Sea 1.0 for Mac (15.35 MB; downloaded 213 times)
Mantle Moon Sea 1.0 for Windows