Star Trucker - Alpha Release

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Star Trucker - Alpha Release

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***This is an old version. Beta Version Available Here: ... 508#130508 ****

This is my first attempt at a game. This is a retro space simulation game. The point of the game is to mine asteroids, trade between bases, survive space, and profit! Download the demo attached here and tell me what you think? The game is available to play on Windows, Mac, and Linux right now.

Here are some screenshots:



Space Stations




I am currently on demo alpha 0.04. I have only been working on this game for a week or so. Although I have made a ton of progress. I'm thinking of submitting this to kickstarter or alphastarter to try to raise $100 to put it on steam greenlight. If that works I'll port it to android and Ouya. If I make more money, I'll hire an artist/musician to make it look and sound better. That's the plan anyways.

Does anyone have any tips or other places I should consider submitting a demo? Thanks for taking the time to look at my game!
Download (0MB; 352 downloads)


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