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A utility that might be useful to people like me who are bad at shading. Take the default OHR palette (Or import your own in custom) and then lets you sort it by various criteria. Brightest to darkest, reddest to least red, etc. It's still not exactly autopilot, but it might give some hints and lead to colors you wouldn't otherwise think of using.

Note: Does not actually modify the master palette.

Keyboard Controls -

R - Sort by Red
G - Sort by Green
B - Sort by Blue
A - Sort by average, Bright to Dark
U - Invert current palette
C - Revert to normal
Numpad 7,8,9 - R,G or B "by percentage". Kind of an experimental feature. In default mode, White (R255,G255,B255) is the top for every color. In this mode, the given value is compared to the average so White tends towards the middle and unusually colorful colors sort to the top.

Escape to Quit

Mouse Controls -
Hover over a color to see its index number for your palette.
Click on a number to "mark" it, making it easier to find after the sorts. Click again to unmark.
PostPosted: Wed Oct 12, 2016 4:10 pm
Download (1.39 MB; downloaded 257 times)
V1.0, runs at 320x320 resolution
Bright to Dark
Default palette sorted by Blue value
Blue by Percentage