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Entry for the 2015 Halloween Contest.

Collect costumes and beat up monsters! ...that's pretty much the game, honestly.

Think I got every main issue, but of course there's bound to be some more that pop up.

morning edit: fixed a few things, made the last two bosses not completely trivial

10/31/2019: witch.rpg DX is here! Featuring new cutins, GBC palettes, and a few other things over the original.

11/9/2019: hopefully fixed a slice-related bug, and more importantly added in a quick/dirty to-do list, in case you forgot everything you had to be doing.
PostPosted: Sun Nov 01, 2015 8:53 am

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witch[dot] witch[dot] (9.62 MB; downloaded 124 times)
Witch.rpg DX - includes a bunch of new features and revisions, as well as those fancy GBC palettes! (10.22 MB; downloaded 780 times)
New features!