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(This is my entry for the Slime Salad 2015 Halloween contest.)

Overgrowth is a short game in which you play Mark, a scientist who helped create a deadly, cancerous plant-like organism that will consume everything in sight.

Now that he is one of few left capable, he must enter the quarantined lab and attempt to sever the growing monster at its source.

UPDATE: I am releasing this version, as of 11/3/15, as a demo with plans to release a full version of the game later on. There is no longer any copyrighted music. Credits can be found in the README.

8/2/16 UPDATE: updated version with better graphics/some bug fixes. Map is also reworked to be a bit more playable/interesting.

6/29/18 UPDATE: I revisited the code, cleaned some small things up. Wall collisions are still a little janky, but the map has been tweaked slightly to make that less horrible.
+ Increased framerate to 30 FPS
+ Added directional animations for enemies; they now look like they're moving in the direction they are.
+ Altered the map very slightly to make more sense to maneuver through
* Slowed player movement speed (Enemies move at same speed in pixels/frame) Note: increased framerate makes all movement appear faster
* Enemies may now follow player into vent tunnels
* Various minor adjustments, primarily to prepare for a completed version of the game
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