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Was looking for some people to test out Galaxy Arms, which is a vertical shooter I've been working on.

Expect a cheesy story, some half-ass graphics (some ripped), ripped music, 3 finished levels, 1 unfinished (last boss isn't finished, just close the window or ESC to quit), and various glitches (such as turning sound off not working, be warned). Also, expect a hideous difficulty curve, as I havn't had time to work out balancing issues.

In any case, enjoy, check it out, leave me some feedback.


* Mouse support is removed (why was it there in the first place)
* Menus are now keyboard driven. Space, Enter, or Z selects.
* Dialog screens are keyboard driven as well. Space, Enter, or Z advances the text, S will skip to the end.
* Sound and Music should be muted correctly now if the appropriate option is selected.
* Option settings are saved upon leaving the options menu.
* Small tweaks that arn't worth mentioning. No new gameplay.
PostPosted: Sun Jan 11, 2009 10:54 pm

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February 16th Update