Late For Work - A 3 Minute Game

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Late For Work - A 3 Minute Game

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This is a daft wee game that I knocked up in a night, so it is a little rough around the edges but I think it works well!

In 'Late For Work,' you are (unsurprisingly) running late for work, and you have three minutes to get yourself sorted and get there in time! There are three possible outcomes, and you can interact with quite a lot of the environment!

This is actually the first finished game I've ever uploaded, so it'd be cool to know if people like it! I used to muck about with the OHRRPGCE a lot years ago (I uploaded a terrible demo called "Cabbage Acres," anyone remember that monstrosity?), and it's been fun to come back to it now.

Here are some screenshots from 'Late For Work':

Image Image Image Image Image Image

Thanks! :D
Download (0MB; 373 downloads) 'Late For Work' zip file


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