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I made 'Help Wanted' and 'Catacombs' for 48-hour contests a long time ago (<2008), but this is the bigger game I was working on. I guess I was waiting to release a demo until I had more done than just the first dungeon, but then I lost interest in the ohrrpgce. I kept the file around all this time. Having realized that it will probably never be completed, I decided I should upload a demo - I'm pretty happy with a lot of what's here, so it would be a shame for no one to see it, and maybe others will find a bit of inspiration (there's no password protection on the file either, so you can open it in custom and take a look). It's made with an old version of the ohrrpgce (sound effects had just been added), so I included the right game.exe in the zip file. The demo is over when you make it to the left side of the first map but there is no door.

-choose the hero's element (of 7) and weapon (of 7)
-nifty dungeon scripting (falling through holes to other floors)
-a boss fight with a trick to it

The music was ripped from various games, including Star Ocean 2 (a mix from vgmusic I think), Battletoads Double Dragon, Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Sonic and Knuckles, Lufia 2, Captain Skyhawk, Double Dragon 2, and Secret of Evermore.

Stuff I'm not happy with, in retrospect:
-the dialogue
-the unfortunate shape of the dungeon boss
-some of the battle balance
-some enemy sprites

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