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This is just to see if people like the game and see if I should keep continuing making it. I am really open to new ideas to make the game better. By the way this is the first game I ever made.

Currently there is no music and very little sound. I have 2 areas the village and the forest with houses and vendors. I also made a quest to do for the story and one party member you can get.

I really hope you enjoy this and thanks for playing Smile

I now added alot of more things such as another area more npcs who talk and more houses you can go into. Such as a boss battle with a quest. and a new party member.
PostPosted: Sun Jun 07, 2015 6:48 pm

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When Darkness When Darkness (1.83 MB; downloaded 312 times)
This is a better version I done some more work on it and changed the name of the game.
When Dark When Dark (1.82 MB; downloaded 308 times)