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Louis the Goose is one crude goose with an attitude! Graffiti Goose is a collaborative puzzle game made by Red Triangle Games & Spoonweaver Studios with an original soundtrack by Glock & Mr8Bit. With his magic hat, Louis will try to paint walls across 24 levels of increasing difficulty! Every turn Louis will be able to blast the wall with a shape of a primary color, but the only way to become an avian artist is to mix your primary colors to create secondary colors! If you run out of time or moves, then that determined Dog Cop will make sure you won't paint anymore. Use your knowledge of mixing colors to secure the highest score and dodge that cop in Graffiti Goose!
Sample play-through of increasing difficulty throughout the game
Commercial for the game on Google Play
PostPosted: Fri Jun 05, 2015 1:38 am
Graffiti Goose Graffiti Goose (24.1 MB; downloaded 380 times)
Graffiti Goose PC Version
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