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Okay, fair disclosure: This game is nowhere near done. This game is hardly a game. It needs story, it needs a victory conditional, it needs map design. But I promised I'd release something today (Technically three hours ago >:3) and so for anyone who was ABSOLUTELY dying of curiosity as to what I was doing, here you go. I hope to continue it in the weeks to come and actually turn it into a game but... there's no telling. Could be just another one of those promising contest things that never goes anywhere.

I don't recommend playing it in this shape, but.. promise is a promise.

Also I just wanna add: This game could've been finished. SHOULD'VE been finished! There was stuff beyond my control that got in the way, but then again there was a hell of a lot of time I could've been working on it that I just didn't. Don't think I got too ambitious and blew the whole damn thing, I was just lazy and did most of my work late.

There you go, friends. The greatest game description in history.

Part of Surlaw's Hans Stinkman 2015 Cash Dollar Contest
PostPosted: Sun Mar 01, 2015 7:48 am

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Version 0.1, hardly a game! Play at your own risk!
I really relate to this character.