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After a great deal of questioning Slime Salad users in the forums I have finally come up with a simple gun game. Hopefully this little game can help show others how they can make a gun game of their own.

I have commented lots within the games code so everyone should be able to understand how the code works as they read through it.

I will be using the coding shown in this game for my own game. I hope everyone is able to see how the ideas in this game can be expanded in to other things like Zelda-esque swords and stuff like that with a bit of tweaking.

Thank you everyone who helped me to finally get this thing working.

Known Bugs:
-If you are shooting your gun as you walk through a door the gun will not work properly in the next room. I have asked about this in the forum, if anyone has a solution please reply here:
-Due to bullet alignment, if your too close to the top walls the bullet will be destroyed upon firing thus you will not see a bullet when firing.
PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2015 7:29 pm

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Gun (Version 2).zip Gun (Version 2).zip (2.58 MB; downloaded 360 times)
This new version has:
-2 rooms
-Embiggened sprites
-Walls which stop bullets (Note: due to bullet alignment the walls will destroy the bullet if your hero is aligned over the wall. Sorry I didn't take the time to change this). (2.49 MB; downloaded 369 times)
This is a simple shooting game to help show how to make a gun game of your own.