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That light on the far edge of the horizon hasn't vanished in a weeks! What's going on here? You'd fly over to investigate this instant, were it not for the fact that you'd get torn to shreds by horribly powerful monsters instantly, before you could even lose sight of the tower you've lived your whole life at the top of. around the long way, under the miasma and through dangerous lands you must go.
PostPosted: Mon Dec 01, 2014 6:18 am

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the HOTOHR//12/14 version, but with the Use Key swapped out [...along with the more readable graphics I changed up way back in 2015 or so??] Apart from that and one NPC it's the literal same game so don't get your hopes up. (8.13 MB; downloaded 606 times)
v.0.00 - HOTOHR//12/14 edition