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Mr. Triangle's Adventure is an epic role-playing adventure starring Mr. Triangle with an original soundtrack by Soda Piggy. An adventure seeking shape who stands up for what's right, while giving the bad guys their fair share of attitude. In Mr. Triangle's Adventure, you'll play as the heroic shape, along with a colorful cast of characters such as a banana tossing ape, a mystical wizard and a jet pack manatee. Together the four of you will embark on a journey to rid the world of the maniacal Mastermind, an evil alien from a far away planet, hell bent on conquering your world. But Mastermind's sinister intentions don't end there, he wants to take all of the peaceful people of Mr. Triangle's world and turn them into monsterous vegetables! Your heroes will travel a massive world figuring out the mysteries of the planet, in hopes of finding a way to stop this intergalactic threat!

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8-17-15 Release
the bad guys are always scheming!
travel to new worlds, including going inside of a computer to face a classic Mr. Triangle villain, Slither!