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The Pumpkin Warriors is a (yet unfinished) game about pumpkins, some kids and a robot from the future beating up annoying creatures, eat burgers and punch evil aliens.
That sure is a good sounding game.
(Still uses music from Earthbound, Nintendo, and I'm currently working On my own music.)

Update! Finally a new one! (v0.0.8)

-Major bug fixes

-Responses to the critisism such as new battle graphics
and a bit of character developement

-A few textbox and story issues are fixed now

Another update! (v0.0.8.5)

-The Drake menu is finally fixed! (I just repositioned the main
menu, and voilá: You can read the text!)

-New attacks like Freezing or Eraser!

-Many more Textbox fixes!

PostPosted: Thu Oct 02, 2014 6:53 pm

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