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Stand stars the character Ivan, a miner in the small village of Nordham. He lives alone, for his wife was lost years ago to a common illness, and his family has all either passed away or left the country. Ivan is skilled however, and looked up to by many. If anyone could navigate a mine, Ivan could.

However this all changed on the night of a powerful storm. Ivan wakes to discover that miners have been trapped by a cave-in while trying to retrieve equipment from the mine. Everyone trusts Ivan to save them, so he comes to the rescue. The only way to the trapped miners is through an untraveled mineshaft, full of darkness and lurking creatures.

In the shaft, however, Ivan discovers something besides the trapped miners. He can't quite explain what the room was that he stumbled into, and he can't explain the voice he heard, and the sights he saw. Something is living inside the mountain of Nordham village; something bitter; something with a grudge. It's up to Ivan to find out whatever it is. Perhaps it's a monster, or a beast. Or perhaps it is Ivan himself.

UPDATE: More bugfixes and content. I've started working on a battle system and with some help have fixed most of the walking and climbing issues.

Also, It's beginning to turn into an actual game rather than just a tech demo, so that's cool! hopefully I'll be able to make it playable in the next few weeks.


Stand's physics are mostly in shape, and the battle system and other game functions are coming into view. As I continue to fashion the gameplay, I will begin to add more story elements into the game, which will hopefully add to the experience. Let me know what you think, although there isn't much to comment on due to the unfinished nature of it.


I've begun to add in shops for the classes: a blacksmith where you can smelt collected ores into bars and then into armor, and an herbalist where you can distill potions and make explosives. On top of this hopefully numerous other things work more smoothly and more properly, although I cannot promise it's impossible to break. And not break in the good way. Break as in you miss setting a tag on and lose content forever. But anyway, yeah, just explore and see what fun there is to have, if any.
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Stand by dantedynamite

2014 In Review: Stand by Gizmog

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