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We've all been there; working away on your latest masterpiece and nature calls. You read the paper, do your business, wash your hands and when you come back... DISASTER! Your monitor stayed on the same image for too long and blew up! Why does this happen? Is there any way you can stop it?

Well friends, you can now! I'm Gozer Gomez, and you might remember me from such PC Essentials as OHR Paint and OHR Typewriter. I've helped you make a living with my software and now I can help you protect your hardware. My program will generate an entertaining series of random images to keep your monitor from blowing itself up while you eat dinner, go to the bathroom, or even take a nap! Just open it up and go live your life; it's that easy!

Protect as much or as little of your screen as you want. Use default mode to protect an OHR sized section of your screen, perfect for any serious developer, or maximize the window and maximize your protection!

OHR Screen Saver: It isn't just a Screen Saver: It's a lifesaver!

GozerGomez not responsible for any monitor damages; real or imaginary

EDIT: Until further notice, consider this a repository of stupid plotscripting demos and tricks. Don't wanna spam the gamelist, but people've asked to see a few of 'em.
PostPosted: Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:43 am

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Download (1.36 MB; downloaded 278 times)
Firework 3D Demo effect. I don't know what to do to make it "feel" right. (1.62 MB; downloaded 273 times)
A "plain-jane" Menu as a kind of stop gap. Font still ripped from SMT. Multi-cart logo WIP. Menu 002 will be the Fireworks demo. (1.62 MB; downloaded 330 times)
Matrix-inspired demo for the Action 52 project main menu. Font stolen from SMT. (1.53 MB; downloaded 273 times)
Uses the sine function and clipped backdrops to create a rudimentary "heat wave" and/or watery ripple effect. Needs more tweaking. (1.49 MB; downloaded 329 times)
As always, just so TMC and Trigonometry can enjoy the fruits of their labors (1.52 MB; downloaded 326 times)
Can Samus escape from the Black Hole? A screensaver that will keep you on the edge of your seat! (Don't get sucked in~!) (1.49 MB; downloaded 342 times)
Personal test of lines and subscripts. Aka everything I needed to know about scripting I learned from Wikipedia (1.48 MB; downloaded 396 times)
Creates 320x200 rectangle slices and cycles the palette in a pleasing manner. For TMC's reference (1.38 MB; downloaded 523 times)
The third in the OHR Screensaver series... or was the second one OHR Typewriter 3's title screen? I forget! Either way it's far out, man (1.25 MB; downloaded 429 times)
Crude example of Maniac Mansion gameplay, currently in development. v0.1 (1.29 MB; downloaded 420 times)
Stablest demonstration of shooty type gameplay, scripts included. (1.29 MB; downloaded 458 times)
Demonstration of shooty type gameplay. Scripts included for learning. v1.1 fixes some minor bugs from original version and adds guided shot mode (1.32 MB; downloaded 372 times)
A really stupid project for Dungeons and Dragons type stuff, a random name generator. Choose a number between 1 and 999 and generate that many names! (1.31 MB; downloaded 419 times)
Version 0.1 of a new design! Watch snowflakes fall and build into weird little piles. Uploaded by TMC's request, with scripts because of TMC's threats (1.32 MB; downloaded 419 times)
Now at v1.2! More stars! More depth! (1.32 MB; downloaded 388 times)
v1.1 out now! Twice the style and just as effective! (1.31 MB; downloaded 385 times)
Get saved today!
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